TallyXcelerator is a 360 degree program aimed at SMEs for their growth and development.

TallyXcelerator – Program overview

TallyXcelerator is an integrated entrepreneurial capacity-building program that provides entrepreneurship development and in-turn promote overall SME development in the nation by:

  • Promoting entrepreneurship
  • Helping develop business skills
  • Building people capacity and
  • Encouraging employment-creating investment and linkages both among SMEs as well as between large and small enterprises

As a result, the program helps to promote the growth of innovative and highly competitive SMEs in India, thereby contributing to the development of a dynamic private sector and entrepreneurial culture within. Furthermore, it also contributes to energizing the private sector and to improve overall business environment.

TallyXcelerator identifies existing and potential entrepreneurs, provides them with mentoring and coaching aimed at strengthening their entrepreneurial behaviors and business skills, assists them in accessing business development services, facilitates access to finance, helps to arrange mutually beneficial links with larger network and puts in place long-term support systems to facilitate the growth of SMEs.

Anticipated beneficiaries of TallyXcelerator program would mainly be:

  • Existing small, medium and micro enterprises that have a track record of good business performance
  • Potential entrepreneurs with promising business ideas and high growth potential
  • Start-up companies with good bankable project proposals
  • Key institutions (Banks, Loan Guarantee Funds, Entrepreneur Associations, Investment Promotion Agencies, SME support agencies)

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